11 February 2008

Mystery Dan Cong

When I look at my teas, most of the time I remember, when I purchased the tea, from whom and what was it name. And in the case of pu-erh I have evidence with names, producers, photos of wrapper and so, because my memory is much shorter, than my pu-erh stash.

When I purchase some tea, mostly, when I’m back home I put it into corresponding jar to keep the tea fresh. And because my jars aren’t labeled, sometimes I know what tea is inside, sometimes not.

Today my memory does not worked too well, so I had mystery tea. I got 50 grams of this Dan Cong oolong from local vendor Longfeng.cz. I know, that it’s his top single bush Dan Cong – unfortunately, it’s out of stock right now, so I cannot check on his web, what it is exactly. But since he gets his teas from JingTeaShop, I checked it there and I believe that it’s Single Bush Ba Xian Dancong. Or it isn’t. Who knows…?

The dry leaves emit beautiful fragrance, come gentle spices mixed with orchids and citrus fruits. Even if most of the Dan Cong oolongs smell and taste beautiful, this one is especially calm, and ideal tea for silent afternoon. Even the color of dry leaves – some are darker, some are very bright green – calms the stressed mind.

The most amazing on this tea is its smell. I believe this is the tea you should enjoy with a Wenxiangbei. The aroma contains tea, spices and orchids. And by tea I mean the smell of the tea I used to drink while I was a young boy. Lovely mix.

But even if the tea is calm, the leaves are quiet powerful, they last lots of infusions without loosing the taste. Even if some find the Dan Cong oolongs boring and uninteresting, because they lack the ability to change in subsequent infusions, I like them being a tasty and inspiring companion.

Update: I discovered, that the tea really is Single Bush Ba Xian Dan Cong.


Imen said...

It looks like fall production of Huang Zhi Xiang to me. Just a guess. :)

Tuo Cha Tea said...

Unfortunately I do not know... but it is certainly a JingTeaShop tea and they do not keep Huang Zhi Xiang (but it may be sold out, too :-)

Zdenek said...

pokud jsi mel caj ode mne a byl to jarni single bush dan cong, pak to byl urcite Wudong Single Bush Ba Xian Dan Cong.
Zdenek Prachar (LongFeng.cz)
PS: nyni je v nabidce zimni single bush xing ren dan cong :-)