09 April 2008

Dan Cong Godzilla

Today was very warm and sunny out there, so I wanted to welcome the spring with adequate tea. The one I decided to try is the 2007 Winter FengHuang WuDong Old Bush DanCong "Huang Jing" brought to us by HouDe.

The leaves catch the eyes first. They are totally different from standard Dan Cong oolong – colorful, huge and strong. The reminded me the sight of autumn forest - some trees still green, some yellow, others red and brown. Ok, there weren't red leaves, but green, yellow and brown were there in all shades.

Also the leaves were huge, so large that they didn’t fit my rather big yixing teapot. I had to soften the leaves with hot water of first infusion and only then I was able to cover the teapot with lid. The maker of this tea used mature leaves instead of young and fresh ones. Also, the leaves weren’t rolled into long stripes, so their overall look suggested heap of fallen fall leaves.

I believe that the smell of Dan Cong teas is mostly better then the taste. But it's not just attribute of Dan Congs, many oolongs prove like that.

This one smelled of grapes and raisins, very sweet but still fresh and with touch of spices. This was more powerful aroma than most of Dan Congs posses. Fortunately, the taste was very good, too – thick, long lasting, tickling the tongue and dancing in the throat.

I have to admit that this Dan Cong is excellent – it’s different from other oolongs, but follows their footsteps in means of aroma and taste. Very good tea.

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