10 June 2008

Darjeeling FF Thurbo Tippy FTGFOP1

Today at work I decided to try another Darjeeling. This one is from Thurbo plantation in India. The FTGFOP acronym could mean Far Too Good For Ordinary People, but actually it is Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.

While the definition of Orange Pekore is used to identify a large leaf size characterized by long, thin, wiry leaves, the actual leaves are quite small. They are very colorful with emerald green leaves and much darker and very hairy tips.

The liquor is orange, not as dark as red teas should be, but this darjeeling certainly fermented more than a green, white or yellow tea would. The seller declares that this tea is fermented for about an hour and half, total fermentation is 65-70%. As I experience darjeelings, they are each year greener and greener.

It’s an OK tea, tasty, fruity. It lives long enough for three good infusions; I like to drink it at office, when I do not have either time or opportunity to prepare something better.

1 comment:

Vojtěch said...

it looks like you are not satisfied with this tea, for the price you should be. But i dont like it so much either (the 2007 version), its fruity but the mouthfeel is not full enought.