21 November 2008

2006 Longyuan Yi Wu Aromatic Pu-Erh

The tea is dead. Not all the tea, but some of my tea already deceased. Last time I drunk some powerless mao cha and I found some similarities with this 2006 Longyuan Yi Wu Aromatic beeng. Now is the time to confirm my findings.

The beeng isn’t single region but is a blend of Yi Wu (third) and Jiang Cheng (two thirds) leaves. But why is it called Yi Wu Aromatic Beeng instead of Jiang Cheng Aromatic Beeng? This is the manifestation of true power of trademarks.

2006 Longyuan Hao Yi Wu

I purchased this beeng alongside some others when I decided to try various loosely compressed beengs, see if they are suitable for long term storage. The beeng itself is beautiful, loosely compressed with small leaves on the surface. But the clothing sometimes hides a hideous body, so it should not distract me.

I don’t enjoy this tea. The liquor is slight orange, but it smells like a chemical substance with smoky undertones. Taste a bit like hay. There is some aftertaste, but the liquor itself lacks the power, the ability to age, the qi.

I’m very upside down with this tea. It’s not nasty, yet it’s not very good or cheap. Two stars out of five, max. Drinkable, but not much more. Maybe some wetter storage may help, but with my wet storage disaster I cannot try it myself.

This tea is available from Yunnan Sourcing.


http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

I like your blog.

Tuo Cha Tea said...

Thank you, Paulo

Hobbes said...

Dear Tomas,

I remember rather liking this one. Given that it's a super-inexpensive tea, while not expecting it to change my life, I do remember it being pleasant. I have a few of them on my shelf, and will revisit it with your comments in mind to find out for myself - terrifying prospect :)

I hope November is traeting you well.

All the best,


Tuo Cha Tea said...

Hi Hobbes,

this tea is not bad, it's just not good. If I should describe it, it's .. dried up. Lifeless. I'm not sure if the storage could damage it, but other my beengs are OK.