06 September 2019

2016 王者歸來 Return of the King

One of the new teas from San Ho Tang tea factory of Xi Zhi Hao brand named after a Lord of the Rings novel - Return of the king.

Ok, I suppose this is not really a LOtR rip-off but more like a reference of a past Cha Wang (Tea King) cake by Xi Zhi Hao. 

Leaves are nice and big, the sample I got from the cake (an expensive one, being $326 for 400g from my source) looks losely compressed. The tea itself reminds me of the better Yiwu productions of San Ho Tang which started to age slowly. It is not aged yet, but it's already past the very fresh phase. 

Excellent taste, great throat feel. 

This is the first sample from the sample set and yet this is my favourite one from the set (ok, this may change as I will try more of the teas).