20 January 2008

2007 San Ho Tang Da Xue Shan Mao Cha

The most limited 2007 single region, autumn season San Ho Tang product, Xi Zhi Hao Da Xue Shan (Big Snow Mountain) was made from this mao cha - less than 200 kg of mao cha was available this year from that particular mountain. Available in USA only through Hou De, sold out within day or two.

Since I ordered some beengs too (1% of all production :-), it will be interesting to compare the mao cha with the pu-erh.

First impression - leaves are huge, dark green, some are yellowish (problems with processing?), with few silvery tips. The smell is vegetal, really nice young tea.

Liquor is of very light color, with color being a mixture of yellow and brown. The smell is very strong, very vegetal - at least in first few infusions. The smell is nearly too strong. But the taste is strong and the aftertaste is nearly the strongest I ever encountered. The taste is bitter with fruity background. Also, the tea lasts long, for ten and more infusions.

I'm very excited about this mao cha and I'm looking forward to taste the beeng.

I added a photo of one of the huge leaves - it's wider than my hand! Also, nottice the mighty and strong veins and the silvery hair. Simply beautiful!

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