19 January 2008

A Nepalese oolong

Today I tried a sample of Nepal oolong I got from a local tea dealer. He no longer has it in stock, so I can brew this only once.
Leaves were pretty, mix of greenish-whitish-brown; they remind me of Bai-Lu white tea Guang at HouDe provided. The leaves were whole and beautiful.
I prepared the tea in gong-fu style; this is how I brew anything, maybe except some green and black (red) teas in my office. I started with very short infusions and about 90 Celsius water.
Taste - this was the second time, when Bai-Lu came into my mind. Nepal oolong, unlike Taiwan of Chinese oolongs reminded me of a mix of green and black tea, with the sweetness of black tea and liveliness of green tea. I'm still not sure, if I like that taste. If I have to choose, I would prefer spring Darjeeling’s with their mixture of black tea and fruits.
The leaves were whole, except maybe of one in the centre of photo, which looked sick.

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