14 March 2008

Office tea

I drink tea daily, both at home and in office. Certainly, in office I do not have either the time and comfort of gong fu nor the certainly needed good quality water and tea equipment. And I refuse to drink bottled water, because of the pollution caused by plastic bottles.

But I also like good quality tea. What is the solution?

The selection of tea. At home I drink mostly oolongs and sheng pu-erh, teas, that require attention and time. At office I drink mostly various black teas and green teas. Certainly, those aren’t the highest grades available, but still it’s mostly very decent stuff.

This is my “tea-drawer”. At this moment it contains some darjeelings, both first and second flush, some keemun (I have it for 4-5 years now, so it’s aged by now), some other black teas, few fresh green teas and also some oolongs that go stale but I do not want to throw it away.

My black tetsubin (cast iron teapot) I use with black teas. I also have one more flat red Japanese tetsubin to use with green teas and one small yixing teapot, when I drink sheng pu-erh at work.

Preparing tea in tetsubin is perfect for office, because I do not have to bother with water spilled out, I can use leaf-tea. Also, I mostly use less tea leaves I infuse longer, so I do not bother with more infusions.

My japanese office teacup. The size is just perfect and I like the colors and patterns. One big problem with this teacup is, that it’s blue – I can’t see the true color of the tea.

And the photo of complete set of tea accesories. The black tetsubin is missing, it's with tea on the table.

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