29 March 2008

Pine & Crane logo

I made a small research after a comment in last article.

I found this article stating:
For Xiaguan, they registered the 'Pine & Crane' label in 1992, but it was in 1996 that Zhong Cha label was swapped for the 'Pine & Crane' label. The tuocha was the first to adopt the new logo, the iron cake changed the logo at a much later date, in early 2004..

Also, Scott mentions in his 2004 Xiaguan Iron Cake description, that it's Xiaguan tea factory's first tea cake to bear the "Crane" Brand emblem.

But on my 2003 Xiaguan iron cake's neifei is clearly visible both the year 2003 and the Pine and Crane logo. Well, the world of pu-erh hides many secrets...

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