25 March 2008

Size matters

Today I made some changes in my pu-erh storage. While holding the different beengs I was puzzled how different are their sizes. So I decided to compare them, from the smallest to largest. Here is the photo (as always, click to enlarge).

From left to right:


Hobbes said...

Dear TA,

What did you make of the second and third cakes (and where did they come from)? I've not tried them before!



Tuo Cha Tea said...

I got the third (858 YiWu museum) as very generous gift, it's sold by Guang at HoudeAsianArt.com
I bought the second (2002 Menghai BanZhan) from Guang as one of my very first beengs. Actually, I do not like BanZhan and Lao Ban Zhang pu-erh too much, I found them a bit flat, uninteresting.