04 May 2008

Tea stash moved

Since my appartment is very dry, I decided to move part of my pu-erh stash to some more rural conditions for the summer.

These teas will be stored in my parents shed - the 2 feet thick solid rock walls, partly embedded in the mountain uphill with pretty high humidity may accelerate the aging process. I included some beengs I have at home, so I could compare the different aging of the same beeng by Christmas.

Tong of 2007 Xi Zhi Hao DragonPhoenix (Yunnan Sourcing)
Tong of 2007 Xi Zhi Hao Da Xue Shan (HouDeAsianArt)
Tong of 2003 Lincang Mountain Special Order tea (Teanet)
Tong of 2000 Yi Wu Zheng Shan (Yunnan Sourcing)
In envelopes :
2007 Xi Zhi Hao Da Xue Shan (very floral beeng)
2000 Yi Wu Zheng Shan (partly aged beeng)
2005 Pu-Erh Trade Memorial Beeng (very compact beeng)

I'm very interested to see what will the more humid storage do with the extremely floral Da Xue Shan.


Salsero said...

Wow, it sounds like your parents like in a beautiful place! Hope the puerh enjoys its vacation from city life.

Anonymous said...

Dont you think that spiders, insects etc. could make their home in your tongs? My grandma has really nice place in mountains too but I`m affraid of opening tong and founding just web and spider.

Tuo Cha Tea said...

Hi Salsero,

yes, I hope it will prove itself well out there.

Hi Honza,

I'm not afraid of insect - what really worries me are the mices. Hopefully they will not reach the tea :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok. My grandma's house is full of mices so I think it will be better to store my pu erh's at home. :) Although I don't think mices enjoy pu erh :-D (There is a lot of caffeine in new pu erh so maybe It can kill them?)

MarshalN said...

Hey, may I suggest covering the tongs with some paper, if you can?

This is mostly to avoid any direct effects from the elements -- wind, rain, etc.... the tongs do a good job, but it might be safer with something else over them, just in case?

Tuo Cha Tea said...

Dear MashalN,

the teas are inside, so they should be kept safe, but thank you for advice. I asked my parents to take a picture of the teas, so I will post it here.


MarshalN said...

Oh yes, I know they're inside, but still, you never know -- dripping roof, etc, all sorts of things can happen.

Best if they're placed on a shelf away from the floor. Tongs put directly on the floor can tend to be very damp.

~ Phyll said...

If the picture here is how the pu'er is now being stored at your parents' place, then I would agree with Marshaln's suggestion. Maybe they have a spare space in a cupboard? Or maybe they have a big enough clay jar to fit all the tea inside and cover the top of jar?

You have nice teas!

Tuo Cha Tea said...

It's stored in a barn in plastic case. The case is hung from the ceiling on metal wire (to prevent rodents to reach the teas) with a blanket atop them, so probably nothing bad will fall on the tea.

The room where the tea is placed is half-buried in a hill, so during summer the temperature does not change too much and the humidity is quite high. For the winter I will take the teas back to my flat.

It's an experiment, in december I will compare beengs I kept at home with the outland stored ones. Hope they will nurish out there.

~ Phyll said...

"The case is hung from the ceiling on metal wire (to prevent rodents to reach the teas) with a blanket atop them"