27 April 2009

The Leaf issue 5

I just wanted to let you know, that 5th issue of free internet magazine The Leaf is out.

You can read about yixing, tetsubins, Weng Ming Chuan bamboo tea-tools, Ban Zhang pu-erh and more.


SWOZT said...

Hi Tuo Cha,

Thanks for leaving the first few comments on my Blog. It is very encouraging. :)

Yes, the teapots that you see on Cozy Teahouse are HK12,000 a pop. But those are made by master levels which are also outside my range.

I buy those made by Graded teapot makers. Those cost about HK1,200. 10 times less.

It has been sometime since i blogged because there are so many fantastic tea blogs like yours. But I will start again.


sp1key said...

Many nice articles and pictures, hope to read more.
Any interesting finds lately?