25 September 2009

Beta - "You Le Zhi Chun"

This is the second sample of tasting of pu-erh teas made by Yunnan Sourcing. First was one of the most expensive teas made from high altitude Yi Wu mao cha, this tea is made from spring 2009 mao cha harvested in Long Pa village of You Le Mountain. The beeng is on a looser side with nice whole leaves. The fresh scent is less powerful, than the smell of the Yi Wu sample.

You Le Zhi Chun

I liked this tea less then the Alpha. The overall craftsmanship is good, the tea produces clear yellow soup with just a little smokiness, lasts quite long and has some kick. Yet, it’s more crude then the first sample, with much less sweetness, fruitiness or vegetal tones.

The leaves are mostly small, though some large can be found in the mix. The black dots tell us, that pesticides were probably not used this year, and that’s good. Some of them are much darker and shows signs of bad processing with too late kill-green step. Fortunately, these dark leaves are only a few.

You Le Zhi Chun

This is an OK tea compared to the whole selection of pu-erh offered by Yunnan Sourcing, yet from these five samples this is definitely not the tea of my choice.

The samples so far, from best to not so best:
1. Alpha - Yi Wu
2. Beta - You Le

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Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to hear about the processing of the leaves as well as the growing conditions. I'm impressed that you know the quality of these origins from the appearance of the leaf. This is what I hope to eventually understand too about Pu-erh. --Teaternity

Pat Canella said...

Like Jason said, I'm glad to hear that the leaves aren't being sprayed, that leads to a bad taste in my mouth....literally! It's something overlooked in the tea industry, def. something to look into!