01 February 2010

Light Roast Da Hong Pao

Most tea lovers in my area become addicted in the same way. They were introduced to tea other than tea bags in tea-houses or by friends. Most of us started with simpler and cheaper teas and only gradually learned how to enjoy expensive high quality specialties.

Light Roast Da Hong Pao

But in search of great tea the tea lover should never underestimate the cheap ones. Happens, not often, but nonetheless, that even among them we can find real treasures. One of them is this light roasted Da Hong Pao, sold by Yunnan Sourcing. When I first tasted it, I immediately realized that I discovered something special. Fortunately for me, I already got half pound of this Wu Yi Rock tea.

Of course, you can’t expect a masterpiece, "just" a really good everyday tea. Yet, in this category, it’s among the best that I drank over last two or three years.

Light Roast Da Hong Pao

Leaves are uniform, whole (the post office workers handled this parcel with less aggressively than they usually do) and they carry pleasant fruity-floral aroma. Actually, fruits and flowers can be found in all characteristics of this oolong, giving it balanced, fresh and energetic taste with pleasant mild bitterness.

Actually, mostly due the very light roast, the taste of the tea differs from the usual Da Hong Pao taste quite a lot, being much closer to the taste of Dan Cong teas. This Dan Congish taste is totally unexpected, especially given the price.

Light Roast Da Hong Pao

Durability of leaves is reasonable, giving 5-7 good brews in gaiwan or yixing teapot, and only then are the last bitter and fruity flavors lost and the tea transforms to a sweet and refreshing juice.

I apologize for slightly propagandistic nature of this article, but I am really excited about this tea and I wanted to share my feelings.


Unknown said...

Sounds great! I'll get some from Scott - always nice t have a everyday da hong pao


Wojciech Bońkowski said...

Although Wuyi is not a speciality for YS I too have had very good experience with their DHP (normal roast). A very solid tea in the style and sold ridiculously cheap by today's standards: $10 / 100g if I remember well.
At this price it was a great choice also for less rarefied uses, such as seasoning teapots or comparing brewing parameters.

Tuo Cha Tea said...

Terje - you must expect something different than a standard Da Hong Pao, as I wrote, it's much closer to Dan Cong teas.

Nerval - I got the standard raost Da Hong Pao, too - but it was packed in original packaging, so I decided to open it after finishing the already opened oolongs. But you say it's good - ooh, I feel temptation to open it right now.

Unknown said...

I know - I have some really nice Da Hong Pao, and I've bought YS' regular roast several times. It has served my well as a everyday tea, and this might turn out nice as well

Keep posting!

Anonymous said...
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