21 March 2008

2007 Xi Zhi Hao Da Xue Shan

After trying the mao cha, today I drunk pu-erh made of that mao cha. Leaves collected from Big Snow Mountain (Da Xue Shan) at Gu Hua (fall harvest) last year are stone molded into big 1 pound beengs. As I wrote in this post, the cake itself is nearly a piece of art, big beautiful leaves gently compacted in the form of rather big disc. Yes, the beeng is clearly bigger than an average 357g pu-erh cake.

This tea is still very, very young. Most dominant is the vegetal, flowery, grassy smell and taste, but I’m sure this taste will diminish as time pass by. No smokiness at all. I can feel how delicate was the processing of beengs, leaving most of bioactivity intact. So there is a good chance that this tea will age pretty fast.

This tea lasts pretty long, I pushed 9 infusions from it and even then I stopped just because I was too tired to continue. In later infusions the grassy taste back up, but it was still the most dominant. Touch of fruits and mushrooms stepped forward in last infusions. Actually, I dislike mushrooms very, very much, but fortunately they weren’t dominant.

Orange liquor is clear as a piece of crystal, no muddiness at all. Sign of a good kill-green process. Leaves are strong with veins popping with health. Some are quite hairy.

Since the taste of the cake is quite specific and the price is quite steep, it’s advisable to purchase a sample and try before buying the whole cake.

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