11 July 2008

Filling the jar

Two days ago I bought in Prague two tea jars. Sometimes, when I decide to drink some tea I do not have patience to break the beeng into separate leaves, so it will be nice have some favorite tea already broken.

I decided to work on some lightly pressed beeng. My choise is 2007 Xi Zhi Hao Pu Zheng Yuan Cha sold by Hou De.

The beeng is slightly more compact than the Da Xue Shan of the same producer was. The signs of stone molding are yet clearly visible and maybe except the center where the knot was the whole beeng could be flaken without damaging the leaves too much.

Just with my pu-erh knife and lot of patience I start to work. Carefully prying the beeng, leaf after leaf, just like when I collect tea enough for gong fu cha, except that this time I’m trying to dismantle a whole beeng.

One hour later the jar is full and still more than half of the beeng remains. But I do not want to break the precious leaves in the jar, so I have to stop.

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