02 July 2008

Ice Tea

Sometimes one have to take a route different from the usual to find something one and exciting. To see something overlooked and experience something new. Few days ago when I went to work I decided to turn left few block earlier and I noticed a building with most interesting reliefs. Reminding me of Sumerian reliefs they are nice and well hid examples of culture called Socialistic realism that survived last twenty years nearly intact.

Usually I buy more tea than I’m able to drink. When I see something new, tasty and exciting I cannot resist and I purchase an ounce or two to drink it. With pu-erh there aren’t problems, pu-erh can survive quite long time and even improve. Bud especially green tea and anxi oolongs go stale really quick and drinking them next year after a purchase isn’t a welcome experience.

Since summer is here and temperatures close to those ones on the surface of the Sun, I decided to prepare some stale oolong and green teas as Ice tea.

You need:

  • plastic bottle
  • some ‘aged’ tea
  • water
  • refrigerator

Preparation (easy and simple)
Fill the plastic bottle with water and pour some tea into it. Place the water with tea into refrigerator and leave it for 6-18 hours. The refrigerator protects the tea leaves from yeasting.

The water turns yellow or green, depenging on tea used and the beverage is ready to enjoy. On these pictures I used Fo Shou (Buddha's hand) oolong tea.

You can freely experiment with different amounts of tea, infusion times and different tea types. The resulting liquor is mostly a very pleasing and thirst slaking experience.


nada said...

I've recently come across a couple of different people using oolong tea as incense.

Just put a small pile on one of the little plates meant for aromatic oils, light a candle underneath and wait as the smell of oolong tea fills your room.

The best thing is that you don't actually have to drink the poor tea some well-meaning, non-tea-drinking friend or relative has given you.


Tuo Cha Tea said...

Dear Nada,

that's most interesting idea! Scenting the room with some fragrant tea is a good idea. I will try that...

Unfortunately most teas available in non-orthodox teashops here are very low quality scented teas (like Lychee pu-erh or Appricot green tea) - but my friends are now educated enough to know, that these teas are not for me.


Salsero said...


What a great idea, and so easy! Thanks.