17 September 2008

2007 Winter Li-Shan "Da Yu Ling" Oolong

I got a sample of this winter oolong from Guang. Although this batch is already sold out, on HouDeAsianArt spring 2007 and spring 2008 batches are still available. On the other hands, the spring batches could brew different tea than the winter batch. And how does the winter batch taste?

2007 Winter Li-Shan 'Da Yu Ling'

I prepared this oolong in my new über-small teapot, so I used only 4 grams of leaves on 80cc teapot. Still I was able to produce about 10 good infusions, starting with 15 sec and continually prolonging the time. The new teapot produces nice tea, yet I still need a lot of time to use it up to it’s full potential.

Back to the tea. Some oolongs smell much better than taste; fortunately, this one belongs to the category “awesome smell, very good taste”. The very light yellow liquor smells like orchids with touch of citrus fruits. Some might find the oolong tea a bit simple, but it provides long lasting pleasure over complexity. The stronger winter leaves lasts for many infusions. I made ten of them and each one was good.

2007 Winter Li-Shan 'Da Yu Ling'

I liked this oolong. It’s expensive, but it’s worth the money for a real connoisseur.

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Bret said...

Ive bought Hou De,s Spring Harvest Da Yu Ling several times and love the stuff. Probably the best Taiwan Oolong Ive ever had. Never tried the winter harvest though. Something tells me I,d like it a lot.