12 September 2008


Two days ago I got this large box.

Finally, I was waiting three weeks! What’s inside the box?

There is some 8 oz of tea. And also there’s a smaller white box. What is hidden in it?

A tiny brown box. Wow, it’s like a Russian toy, matryoshka! I had one matryoshka when I was young, too. Not too much fun, but you know, russian toys.

What is in the tiny box?

My newest teapot! Well, it was a well packed parcel, but I’m only happy, because the pot survived.


~ Phyll said...

Is there a smaller teapot inside that teapot? :)

Congratulations! What tea is this pot for?

Tuo Cha Tea said...

I wanted a smaller tea pot for high mountain oolongs. It performs well although it is maybe a bit too small :-)